Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Spoilers: Bakugo Vs Shigaraki

Something really bad is about to happen. Something completely unexpected, with a huge amount of drawbacks for the hero side. Fans are highly excited about the release of My Hero Academia Chapter 358.

The pure impact of the last chapter and the current one, it has mesmerized us and we hope to see more.

The new season of anime is upon us. Once this is done, we will be at the Fall Season, which means My Hero Academia Season 6 will air. We see that a grand fight is coming.

The Paranormal Liberation Front War arc! Shigaraki metamorphosis! Gigantomachia! The fall of Heroes! Mirko’s sacrifice! Hawks and Bubaigawara! Oh, we are so excited.

My Hero Academia Volume 35 will be released very soon. The cover art is absolutely brilliant. With Deku and Shigaraki striking a similar pose, the former from up and the latter from down. It is as if they are reflections!

Slowly but surely, we are closing the plot threads. In two chapters, All for One will probably be over. This means Shigaraki will be the only big villain left. We will watch his fight with Bakugo’s group.

Followed by which it will be Deku versus Shigaraki. Once that is done, the series won’t really have much to offer us.

Breaking the tropes usually portrayed in shonen, we see something taken from reality. A cornered beast is very dangerous. Just like heroes can utilize the final boost to victory, villains can do the same.

All for One’s sacrificial act will be shown in Bnha 358 and it is bound to be deadly.

My Hero Academia 358 Spoilers:

The early Reddit spoilers are finally here for everyone to read. This time Bakugo goes against Shigaraki with his strongest attack.

The title of the Bnha Chapter 358 is “The Man Who Improved Just A Little”.

  • Early MHA 358 spoilers show Shigaraki surfing on the fingers and hands coming out of him.
  • One of his hands hit Suneater very hard.
  • Shigaraki asks if all of the heroes will only run away and not fight?
  • Nejire blocks the attack with a wave.
  • All of the heroes must keep running, because if they stop even for a second, they will be swallowed by the hands and fingers.
  • Jeanist is at the forefront of it, everyone must find Shigaraki’s body before everything is over.
  • Edgeshot uses Ninpo to destroy a huge number of fingers and hands.
  • He believes that it is one of Shigaraki’s quirks.
  • AFO/Tomura starts a monologue.
  • He describes how all the quirks of All For One have stabilized in his body and starting to adapt.
  • This has it has boosted his overall strength and gained many new quirks in the process.
  • Bakugou is furious to see Shigaraki talk.
  • His new weapon is ready, we see several guns come out of his body and he starts shooting.
  • Bakugou has grown a lot, he starts thinking about all the heroes who are giving their all.
  • He gets close to Shigaraki and uses his new ultimate move, Howitzer Impact Cluster!

My Hero Academia Chapter 358 Raw Scans

The first release of a new chapter in its original version, which is, in this case, the Japanese version of My Hero Academia 358 raw scans. It will come out on 29th June 2022. It will be leaked to the fans.

After that, the raws will be converted to different languages, for the international fans. Now, we believe the fan translations of the new chapter will be out within June 2, 2022. You will have to google the chapter.

However, what we recommend to all readers, are the official sources, which are, Mangaplus, Viz sites, and the shonen jump app. These will have the official English translations of My Hero Academia 358, available for free!

One Piece Chapter 1054 spoilers are also set to be published soon this month.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 358 Theories:

The penultimate page of this chapter looks straight out of a horror manga. All for One is in his scariest look and even now, looking at it sends chills!

My Hero Academia 358 will show what effect this final act of the Villain King will be.

What is this about wounded heroes?

This has been a short but highly chaotic fight. With Hawks and Endeavor majorly injured, they had to bring out everything in their arsenal. Especially Endeavor!

We see him continue his internal conflict, which he keeps hammering the villain with incredible blows.

In Boku no My Hero Academia Chapter 358, we will see that Endeavor and hawks will probably burn out from this exhaustion. Hawks’ Jet Burn was slightly mistimed and things don’t look bright for him up ahead.

They might just suffer a lot from this.

What is Endeavor doing?

Endeavor is not giving up. He is here to see this fight until the end. Not even for a second will he relent. Endangering his life, he goes in to destroy everything in All for One.

Raging against himself, he tried to finish off the villain while he was unable to move properly.

All of this sacrifice has only one motive. Endeavor hopes to carve a better path for everything. He wants future generations to have a better time. He will repent for his failures shown by Toya.

My Hero Academia 358 English Chapter will be hard for Endeavor since he won’t be able to seal the deal.

What is All for One doing?

Cornered heroes are dangerous yes. But the same can be said for the villains. All for One’s sacrificing act is something spectacular. He had something up his sleeve all this while.

And that is what we will see in My Hero Academia Chapter 358 spoilers.

From the looks of it, Endeavor will die. And something will reach Deku. But what exactly? What will happen to the others alongside Endeavor and who is approaching Deku?

We are very excited to find out in the next bnha chapter 358.

The early spoilers will be shared here soon when out. So stay tuned and read our articles on Solo Leveling Anime and One Punch Man Season 3 while you wait.